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“We can take any kind of used tires and turn it back into synthetic rubber. We are the only company in the world that has closed the loop on used tire recycling.”

Dr. Oleg Golobrodsky (EcoTech Chairman & Founder)

ECOTECH RECYCLING LTD. is an Israel-based technology company that specializes in the recycling of rubber into valuable materials.
Rubber, both natural and synthetic, is a key commodity in markets and industries throughout the world, and yet it has proven costly on the environment. With increased oil prices and toxic contamination, the rubber industry is critical when it comes to reducing environmental pollution.

That’s where we come in. We manufacture ACTIVE RUBBER (AR), a new type of synthetic rubber which re-uses waste to manufacture green rubber-based products. No oils, no chemicals, no new resources. Our patented technology is used in the production of rubber commodities — closing the loop on used tire recycling and leaving a positive carbon footprint.

EcoTech is an innovator in sustainable synthetic rubber, producing the world’s first technology-enabled green rubber. Our award-winning scientific developments and implementation efficiently prioritize the waste-to-rubber process, revolutionizing the industry and paving the eco-friendly way in the global rubber marketplace.

Green Tech

The #1 green rubber producer in the world

Ecotech’s ecological impact lies in our innovation. We are solving the world’s number one disposal problem (rubber and tires) and offering an alternative for one of the most commonly-used source materials.


Our Technology

The best, greenest, most innovative technology.

Our patented technology is one Of a kind, revolutionizing methods of recycling waste rubber in order to manufacture eco-friendly, high-quality, and inexpensive synthetic rubber for use in a wide range Of products and specialty markets.

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Our Technology

From waste material to high-value commodity

When using EcoTech’s products, our customers receive a full range Of benefits— financial, governmental and communal — available to companies that comply with green standards

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Active Rubber

ACTIVE RUBBER is an all-new green synthetic rubber made 100% out of waste rubber. EcoTech’s ISO certified method is clean and uses 95% less energy than traditional rubber production processes.

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ECOINSUL is a rubber-based green insulation product that uses non-toxic materials and low carbon processing to provide simple, easy and cost-effective wall and flooring insulation with a positive carbon footprint.

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Our Patents

21 Patents filed and 18 granted across 9 jurisdictions

Our intellectual property is the result of years of investment in developing our proven, proprietary, and patented technology, with licenses all over the world.

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EU -11 patents
US- 3 patents
IL – 4 patents
India – 2 patents
China – 1 patent

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Akko, Israel
Phone: +972-3-6911008

UK +44-203-8089151

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