Semi-Cryogenic Processing

Creating Rubber Powder. First phase: Used rubber tires ground into crumbs are converted into ultra-fine rubber powder, with no emissions.

  1. Freezing: The rubber crumbs are inserted into a proprietary freezer, and are semi-cryogenically frozen to -70° C. No chemical agents are used, thus keeping all the rubber qualities intact.

EcoTech Proprietary Freezing Technology

2.Milling: The rubber is then ground to an ultra-fine rubber powder; each granule is on average of 100–120 microns in size.

3.Filtering: During the filtering process the remaining textiles, which are problematic to any application, are separated and removed. This yields ultra fine rubber powder.

Manufacturing Active Rubber

Once the rubber powder has been created, a chemical process is used to enhance the powder and convert it into Active Rubber.

1.Mixing: The mixing process within the Banbury rubber mixer, combined with EcoTech’s proprietary chemical formulation, enables the activation process that creates Active Rubber. 1.Extruding: The rubber leaves the mixer where it is pressed into sheets by a single screw extruder

2.Cooling & Packing: The sheets are cooled by fan and placed on a platform or pallet for packing.