Active rubber tests

The following tests were performed for EcoTech Recycling by the Israel Plastics and Rubber Center at the Technion Polytechnic University of Israel, under ASTM rules.


SBR Compound Test for Tires

Report No. R/9955 (Ground Tire Rubber Crumb - GTR) 

  • Summary: The test goal was to replace the new rubber in the compound by EcoTech’s active rubber. 

Cryogenic ground tire rubber crumb of two nominal sizes, <250 microns and 250-500 microns, were tested in rubber formulation as a substitution of 10 parts of polymer, and as filler addition. Method: ASTM D-3182. Rheology: ASTM D- 6204.

  • Conclusion: Properties of the compound with the addition of 10 parts ground tire rubber at < 250 microns as filler are similar to properties of the virgin compound. 

The test shows that EcoTech crumb rubber (70 mesh and better) can replace at least 10% of the virgin rubber compound in new tires without any changes in the properties of the compound.

Active Ground Rubber Test

Report No. R/9955-3 (Compound S-510 – treated Ground Tire Crumb)

  • Summary: EcoTech is developing a proprietary technology for surface area activation for crumb rubber, in order to turn the reclaimed rubber into a new industrial rubber without any chemical additives like glues or virgin rubbers.

Surface treated ground tire crumb masterbatch (activated) based on EcoTech’s recycling process was tested in a formulation as a substitution of 100% polymer. 

  • Conclusion: Compound based on 100% activated ECO GTR is capable of being re-compounded and re-cured with sulfur without virgin elastomer.

The test shows the ability to create a new industrial rubber from EcoTech activated crumb without adding glues or virgin elastomer.

Acid Test for Active Rubber Mats 

(DLG Fokus/Sigma Tests):

Report No. R/1142 (Compound S517 – treated Ground Tire Crumb)

  • Summary: EcoTech is the only company in the world that is able to create products (in this case rubber cow mats) from 100% recycled rubber without glues or chemical additives. The goal of the test was to prove that the mats correspond to DLG Sigma test criteria, i.e. there is no influence of acids on the mats – visual, physical, or chemical. 

A permanent dipping test in cow manure and urine for 28 days at room temperature was tested for acid resistance according ASTM D-471.

  • Conclusion: Material is acid resistance.

After performing the test, we can see that the unique activation technology of EcoTech allows us to create fully-recycled and fully-recyclable rubber mats that comply with all the standards.

EcoTech and the Israeli Rubber and Plastics Center continue joint R&D programs for developing new and improving rubber specifications for EcoTech Active Rubber, meeting the highest industry standards.