Disrupting the Global Rubber Market

EcoTech employs a patented technology for creating an ultra-fine rubber powder from used tires, which is then converted into rubber masterbatch that meets the specifications of a given commercial application requiring synthetic rubber. We use our R&D center to meet the specific application requirements, thus demonstrating the commercial value and scientific applicability of Active Rubber for the given product.

The freezing process is accomplished using special freezers manufactured especially for EcoTech. The output of this semi-cryogenic process is an ultra-fine rubber powder. The cost to create rubber powder is minimal due to the ready-availability of the raw materials and the low energy and operational requirements of the freezing process. This capability enabled EcoTech to make the ground-breaking leap forward to producing Active Rubber. The chemical process used to manufacture Active Rubber from rubber powder has been productized into a coherent, straight-forward method which can be modified to support the requirements needs of any commercial application. EcoTech’s technology keeps all rubber qualities completely intact, without a degradation of any of the rubber specification. The process is the only one in the world to achieve this goal.



EcoTech's innovation was in discovering an efficient way to by-pass the rubber's elasticity and flexibility by controlled freezing. Freezing the rubber suspends the rubber’s flexibility and makes it brittle like glass, without harming the physical structure.


Active rubber tests

The following tests were performed for EcoTech Recycling by the Israel Plastics and Rubber Center at the Technion Polytechnic University of Israel, under ASTM rules.